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Are you looking for support and not advice? Do you prefer to feel seen and heard rather than judged? Do you think it is important that you are listened to with an open and curious attitude ? Then you have come to the right place at Relationship Practices !



We are passionate and experienced therapists and inspire each other, challenge and support each other in the practice of our professional lives. We would ask as many as possible and award families EF(F)T and our hearts beat so much for families that we have developed specific training courses especially for them. Short but sweet.

As a psychotherapist I have lost my heart to EFT and EFFT. When I was introduced to EFT it was like coming home. I recognized my clients and myself in it and finally there was a scientifically sound methodology based on something that we all ‘burden’ from time to time; attachment needs and what ‘the other’ can bring about in us

Katja Pereira

Psychotherapist/GZ psychologist, additionally trained EFT registered therapist, EFFT Level II trained, EMDR practitioner

“Since I became a mother myself, I have started to delve more and more into the changes in your relationship due to the arrival of a child. The emotional needs of adults are very similar to the needs of children. I have come to recognize that much more in the problems that couples can encounter. I find it special to be able to guide couples in the process towards more trust and connection

Jaro van der Ende

GZ psychologist, additionally trained EFT registered therapist, Systemic therapist IO, EMDR practitioner

“Partly raised in a blended family, composed my own family with young adult children and also feel a heart and dedication to EFT. I can’t help but do what I love to do; working with couples and families who are faced with the task of emotionally attuning to each other in these challenging circumstances and thus shaping family life.”

Barbara Veldt

GZ psychologist, additionally trained EFT registered therapist, EFFT Level II trained, Systemic Therapist

“As a clinical psychologist, I like to be in conversation with people about where they feel connected. How you are human in connection with yourself and the other. It is precisely where you feel connected that you can get close. In conversation, I would like to search with you for ways to grow in trust to be able to live more connected again. Special if I as a therapist can walk a piece with you …”

Leonien Rigterink

Clinical psychologist, Schematherapist, EFT-registered therapist i.o., Systems therapist i.o.

Our mission

We wish everyone a good relationship.
Whether it’s your partner, family member or colleague, a good relationship is an enormous strength. When you know that you can turn to the other person, you dare to be more autonomous and fall back on the other person. There is no autonomy without connection.



It’s not nothing to show yourself to people you don’t or hardly know. And at the same time it means a lot. We are aware that it takes a lot of courage to share your and your story with us as an outsider. Showing, opening and sharing vulnerability is a process that takes time.

Everyone has their own pace and moment. Our focus in the guidance is entirely on building trust, being reliable and offering safety. We believe that it is only possible to open within these conditions.