We can usually not prevent waiting times, but we can give you an overview of how long it will take before we can start.
After an initial meeting, we immediately continue with the process.

Waiting times per therapist

Katja Pereira

registration stop,
no waiting list option

(dated February 10, 2022)

Jaro van der Ende

log in stop

(dated February 10, 2022)

Barbara Veldt

number of weeks for relationship/family
individual registration stop

(dated February 10, 2022)

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If you choose to make a first appointment online, you will receive a confirmation from us afterwards. After confirmation you will be redirected to the payment page and as soon as the appointment has been paid, the appointment is final. In the unlikely event that you have to cancel a maximum of 48 hours in advance, you will of course receive a refund.

Do you have a referral letter from your GP for Basic GGZ or Specialist GGZ? Then sign up via the registration form .