individual routes


Have you had bad experiences in relation to others? Do you find yourself quickly overwhelmed when someone else gives you something in return? Would you like to open up but does it feel too risky ? Is the touch of another reason for you to close ? Then you can (also) use an individual trajectory from Relationship Practices.

WHAT can you expect?

Sometimes in a relationship or family therapy it appears that individual blockages are in the way of recovering well together. Then an (additional) individual trajectory can offer a solution. But if you are single and have trouble with relationships, you can also come to us. For the future relationship. We offer 4 types of itineraries:

  • individual conversations about contact with others
  • body-oriented sessions to increase awareness in relationships
  • trajectories aimed at trauma processing (EMDR or sensorimotor psychotherapy)
  • conversations for relationships at work
  • conversations focused on complaints about pregnancy and birth
Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy

Why do you react the way you react to others? What does that other trigger in you? In this individual trajectory we work from the attachment perspective and you learn to become more aware of your feelings and your needs. And you learn to deal with that in a different way, so that you don’t keep repeating automatic reactions.

Body-oriented sessions to increase awareness in relationships

Learn to listen better to your body’s language. Because the body tells us a lot. Our autonomic nervous system is continuously focused on contact with others and reacts faster than we can think. Are you often in your head and the signals from your body usually pass you by? Then this route is for you.

Process focused on trauma processing

If you have had bad experiences in relationship with someone else, this can affect your reactions now. With this trajectory you can process those previous experiences and thus reduce the automatic reactions. Then you can react more freely and consciously in the here and now.

We offer two ways:

  • EMDR: EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. By taxing your working memory in all sorts of ways while concentrating on (aspects of) the bad memory, the emotional charge and vividness of the memory decreases.
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: when we experience something bad, we often cannot react the way we would like. This ‘unexecuted reaction’ settles in the body and can then occur automatically again and again. For example, we remain afraid, angry or tense in situations that somehow remind (our body) of the bad experience. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a body-oriented way of working to ‘liberate’ those physical reactions from your body, as it were. You can break free from bad experiences from the past.
Calls for work relationships

Work is an important pillar of our daily life. But sometimes contact with a colleague can be difficult. For example, do you get irritated easily, or do you not dare to speak out. We can also get into all kinds of complicated negative patterns with colleagues. With this trajectory you learn to better understand your own reactions and change in such a way that working relationships improve. So that you can focus on your work again, instead of the contact requiring so much energy.



“In my relationship, unprocessed traumas from the past appeared to play up. Since I was able to process them in an additional process, it is so much calmer. I am much less likely to be triggered. Thanks to the combination of EFT and my EMDR, we now go very well together. “

“Through the body-oriented trajectory I became aware of how I set my limits (far too little). I always adapted to the other. I do that less now. Quite exciting, but in friendships and in work I have many at.”

“I often had issues with colleagues and I now understand much more what is happening. How I react and how I can be clearer. The working relationships are better now, I have less conflict.”