Do you want to boost your relationship in a short time and in an exclusive way? So that you can quickly restore or deepen the connection? And do you lack the time?
Then book a short intensive.


An Intensive consists of 3 4-hour day parts; on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons in one weekend from 1-7 pm.

You dive into depth with the therapist and can make great strides in a short period of time. Because it is so intensive, it must be something that suits you. You will not only get a lot of information, but also a lot of emotion and insights to process. For that, you need to be rested and firm in your shoes. To assess whether an Intensive suits you, we will schedule a 30m consultation beforehand.

And would you also like to spend the remaining time together? Then you can choose a location near the beach, the forest, or with a wellness center! But just together at our practice is also possible.

Cost at deluxe location: to be requested
Cost at the practice: €2150.


Day 1:

  • You dive deep into relationship dynamics and discover your specific (negative) relationship pattern.
  • Reflecting on the impact of your own attachment history
  • Possibly a separate time for each
  • You reflect on the pattern in intimacy/sexuality

Day 2:

  • You identify your own part in the problems
  • Learning about the steps how you can break the pattern
  • Practice showing your vulnerability, with the therapist ensuring safety.
  • You talk about what turns you on and inhibits you in sexuality

Day 3:

  • Review of what has been learned so far
  • You identify external stressors to the relationship
  • You process 1 pain point from earlier in the relationship



A weekend at the Duin&Kruidberg hotel in Santpoort-Noord, where you can fully relax in the wellness facilities.


Prices vary by season.


A weekend in a hotel in the Veluwe, so that in between you can indulge in what forests can do for us people.


Prices vary by season.


A weekend at the Alexander Hotel in Noordwijk, where you can enjoy the beach in between.


Prices vary by season.