hold me / let me go


Aren’t there too many problems, but are you struggling to connect with your adolescent? Want to prevent it from getting worse? Don’t wait and take action. This short training will teach you how to improve your bond with your child.

parents with teenagers

Do you look at your moody teenager and wonder; ‘Where’s my sweet little girl/boy gone? Adolescents can make you mad and make you feel powerless. They put you at a distance, want to figure things out for themselves and at the same time they still need you badly. Complicated forces within the family. Do you want to strengthen the relationship with your adolescent? Build more trust and mutual understanding?

‘Hold Me, Let Me Go’ is a special training to strengthen the bond between parents and teens. Exercises, explanations and professionally supervised conversations lead to greater mutual understanding and closer relationships.

The training is open to parents with children between the ages of 13 and 19. There are 4 evening sessions with the (group of) parents, 1 (online) conversation with the adolescent alone, 1 conversation with the parents only and a conversation with parents and adolescent together.

Are you a single parent? Then bring another adult who is involved in the upbringing (eg grandparent).

Price: €1249.

Location: Rustenburgerstraat 142B Amsterdam

Email: info@ Relatiepraktijken.nl