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Sign up for the free EFT magazine ! More than 30 pages and 12 articles about loveto maintain your relationship. In this magazine the spotlight is on what couples therapy really is.

  • EFT, what and why?

  • Why couples therapy is the best investment you can make

  • how does empathy work in a love relationship?

  • how do you get attached

  • a conversation with Sue Johnson

  • Experiences of others with a Hold Me Tight course


Via the contact form you can receive the magazine. You will be sent a link and with one click on the link the magazine is immediately on your screen. As a bonus, you will receive valuable tips and strategies for a secure connection from us a few times a year . (Don’t worry, we’re not going to flood you with a lot of advertising. We will not pass on your data to anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time

I hope we can inspire you. It would be great if you let us hear from you about the topics discussed by us.

Here you will find a preview of the magazine . It’s a present for you. The content was also provided by the relationship experts of the EFT Nederland foundation!


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